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Trump: confused and directionless on China – Arthur Kroeber

Not being predictable has been US-president Donald Trump’s trademark on foreign policy. When it comes to China, economist Arthur Kroeber prefers to phrase it in another way. “US policy towards China in both security and economic terms remains confused and directionless,” he says in the South China Morning Post.

At last, Beijing might get serious about North Korea – Paul French

China has been trying to ignore its unruly neighbor North Korea for as long as it was possible. And North Korea was more interested in talking to the US, and less to China. But Beijing might at last be changing its tune, says Paul French, author of North Korea: State of Paranoia (Asian Arguments) to the Washington Post.

China struggling to become a diplomatic force – Paul French

China is not only struggling to manage its unruly financial markets, North-Korea´s latest nuclear test shows that international diplomacy is not yet one of its strong point, says political analyst Paul French in America Magazine. Managing North-Korea from Beijing is no longer possible.

Happy New Year from Pyongyang – Paul French

North-Korea´s lastest nuclear test came not really as a surprise, writes Pyongyang-watcher Paul French. And they might most likely get what they wanted: a resumption of the 6-party talks, led by China, he writes for Reuters.

North Korea: clueless about economic reform – Paul French

The execution of North-Korea´s vice-premier Choe Yong Gon shows again we should not have too much hope for China-style economic reforms, writes Paul French, author of North Korea: State of Paranoia, for Reuters. “There are no coherent ideas about economic reform.”

Why North-Korea failed from the start – Paul French

Author Paul French of North Korea: State of Paranoia reviews for the Washington Post. Blaine Harden´s latest book on North Korea The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot: The True Story of the Tyrant Who Created North Korea and The Young Lieutenant Who Stole His Way to Freedom.

Did Pyongyang attack Sony? – Paul French

High-end cyber unites, attacks on Sony, threats with nuclear weapons. North-Korea has not been short of themes for Hollywood new movies, but Pyongyang watcher Paul French doubts whether Kim Jong-un likes recent movie releases, he writes for Reuters.

North Korea´s gentle power shift – Paul French

The disappearance of North Korea´s leader Kim Jong-un from public view, might not be as dramatic as some commentators have suggested, writes author Paul French of North Korea: State of Paranoia: A Modern History in a Reuters´blog. It might as well be a gentle power shift from one-man rule to the country´s elite, based on consensus.

Debunking myths about North Korea – Paul French

Getting a grip on North Korea and its citizens is hard for the outside world. Paul French, author of North Korea: State of Paranoia: A Modern History tries to debunk some common misunderstandings in an interview with VOA.

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