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The pricing at Alibaba’s IPO – Benjamin Joffe

Alibaba’s IPO is going to be one of the biggest events of 2014, a listing that will dwarf Twitter’s value. The value of Alibaba’s shares is a key issue, and angel-investor Benjamin Joffe has a theory on how it will perform, he tells CNBC.

Why Twitter and Fcebook are too late for China – Sam Flemming

Western social media like Twitter and Facebook might get their first official inroads into China at the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, but the market has already been taken by giant and influential domestic players, tells internet watcher Sam Flemming at Reuters.

A small dent in China’s internet firewall – Shaun Rein

The story Shanghai’s Free Trade Zone will offer investors uncensored internet, is a very small, but highly symbolic move by China’s government, explains business analyst Shaun Rein in Bloomberg. Some sections of the government are listening to complaints by foreign and Chinese business leaders, but do not expect major changes fast.

China’s unique social media landscape – Sam Flemming

A common mistake outside observers make is taking their own social media experience, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, as the reference point for what is happening in China. Wrong, tells CIC-president Sam Flemming in China Innovation. China has a unique social media landscape.

The genuine debate on Weibo – Jeremy Goldkorn

China’s lively micro-blogging services might have to face internet controls, but that does not mean the national and local debate is curtailed, explains internet watcher Jeremy Goldkorn to Australia’s ABC.

Weibo: Twitter on crack – Tricia Wang

Twitter should have a thorough look at their Chinese Weibo competitors, says tech ethnographer Tricia Wang in an interview with FastCompany. Being picture-based is just one lesson they can learn, she argues.

What do Chinese internet users really want – Sam Flemming

They do not care about the censorship and are not longing for Twitter or Facebook. Group buying has been invented in China, and crowd sources is old news for them. Internet guru Sam Flemming takes on a few misconceptions about China’s internet users in the Pandodaily.

Europe’s lagging internet culture – Marc van der Chijs

Shanghai-based serial internet entrepreneur Marc van der Chijs tells on his weblog how the internet culture in Europe is lagging, as he talks to a conference of future corporate leaders, who still have to find out the world has changed behind their backs. Unsettling, when you are used to China.

Two CSB speakers join FP top 100 twitterati list

Two of the speakers at the China Speakers Bureau, Howard French and Kaiser Kuo, are named by the magazine Foreign Policy (FP) as two of the top-100 users of Twitter in the field of foreign relations.

Why Weibo is cuter than Twitter – Tricia Wang

All too often Sina’s microblog service Weibo is described as a kloon of Twitter. Sociologist Tricia Wang in Wuhan has been using Weibo for a few months and starts to report on her weblog about the differences of the two. About fun, love and entertainment.