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Innovation experts at the China Speakers Bureau (updated)

Innovation and China seemed have been at odds for a long time. But the country known for its copy-cats has made huge strides forward, and innovation has become a key feature in the country´s development. Not surprising, also speakers at the China Speakers Bureau reflect that important development.

Haier´s strategy to enter American homes – Bill Fischer

When China´s leading white goods producer Haier bought the appliances department of GE it caught the headlines. But the acquisition might not be as important as the underlying strategy to enter American homes, says IMD professor Bill Fischer, co-author of the book Reinventing Giants: How Chinese Global Competitor Haier Has Changed the Way Big Companies Transform to Bloomberg.

Fintech experts at the China Speakers Bureau

From a cash country, where transactions were done by moving plastic bags with money between bank branches, China has turned into a leading force in fintech or financiel technology. Mobile payment are standard. Bitcoins and blockchain technology found in China early adopters. Social media have – more than anywhere in the world – adopted payment systems to facilitate online trade.

How cheap China became a business disruptor – Bill Fischer

For long China has been displacing Western companies by cheaper products. But many have failed to see how this displacement has been overtaken by disruptive business models, writes IMD professor Bill Fischer in the Harvard Business Review.

Rising labor costs and lower sales growth drive outbound expansion – James Roy

Haier´s purchase of GE´s appliances and Midea´s efforts to get a bigger stake at Germany´s robotic company Kuka both reflect the challenges the giant Chinese firms face at home, says business analyst James Roy to Barron´s. Rising labor costs and slowing growth of domestic sales makes both look abroad.

The global road of China´s white goods producers – James Roy

Washing machines might not be as sexy as real estate and IT-investments, but China´s white good producers have also embarked on a global road, says business analyst James Roy to Reuters. Haier has been investing abroad for decades, but others are following.

How Tencent is erasing its middle management – William Bao Bean

Erasing the middle management and organizing competition internally: those are two features in new revolutionary corporate structures in China. Haier and Tencent have made big inroads. Innovation expert William Bao Bean discusses Tencent and how their organization works.

8 Chinese innovations that might disrupt your industry in the year of the ape

Looking back at the demand from our clients at the China Speakers Bureau over the past few years, we see a distinct development into the future, into the year of the ape.

Haier´s strategy into US homes – Bill Fischer

The purchase of the GE appliances section by Haier is part of a strategy to enter American homes, says IMD professor Bill Fischer, who studied Haier intensively to Bloomberg. How different is Haier from GE?

GE-deal upward boost for Haier brand – James Roy

Haier might be the largest white good manufacturer, globally active, but not yet seen as a global brand. The purchase of the appliances section of GE for US$5.4 billion might just change that perception, says James Roy, Associate Principal of the China Market Research Group (CMR) in the International Business Times.