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Taobao China´s most valuable brand – Rupert Hoogewerf

Taobao, Alibaba´s ecommerce platform, has become the country´s most valuable brand, beating China Mobile and Baidu, says Hurun´s lastest report. Hurun´s chairman Rupert Hoogewerf tells the South China Morning Post, he expects the value of the brand to rise even more.

Tencent: China´s most valuable brand in 2014 – Rupert Hoogewerf

Tencent has become China´s most valuable brand in 2014, according to the latest Hurun report. A sign private companies are taking over the previously powerful position of state-owned companies tells Hurun founder Rupert Hoogewerf in the China Daily.

Apple, China Mobile deal no game-changer – Shaun Rein

Apple got after five years negotiating its deal with China Mobile, the world´s largest mobile telecom provider. But according to business analyst Shaun Rein it is very unlikely many of the 759 million China Mobile subscribers will fall for Apple´s 4G phones. The top-end users have already signed up subscriptions with for example Samsung, and 80% of the users use 2G and won´t switch easy to 4G.

Apple’s China Mobile deal might have some drawbacks – Shaun Rein

Apple got after two years of negotiations its deal with the world’s largest telecom company China Mobile. But the 500 million customers of China Mobile might not all queue up for a 4G deal with Apple, tells business analyst Shaun Rein at Bloomberg. And recent reform plans might not spell well for China Mobile either.

New iPhone ‘no game changer’ – Shaun Rein

The new iPhone will be available in China in the coming days, but it is no game-changer, warns business analyst Shaun Rein at Bloomberg. “They have to make better phones than Samsung, otherwise they might just follow Nokia.” At the bottom-end Lenovo and Xiaomi keep the market occupied.

Why selling a cheap iPhone is a bad idea – Tom Doctoroff

Rumors say that Apple has been able to struck a deal with China’s largest telecom provider China Mobile to sell iPhone, cheaper than elsewhere in the world. Marketing guru Tom Doctoroff explains in NPR why selling the iPhone cheap in China is a bad idea.

Branding blurs difference between state-owned and private companies – Rupert Hoogewerf

Private companies have for long been trailing behind their state-owned competitors, but times are changing, says chief researcher Rupert Hoogewerf of the Hurun Brand List. Branding is blurring that old difference, although the process is slower than expected, he tells in WARC.

China Mobile tops again Hurun top-200 brands – Rupert Hoogewerf

The Hurun Research Institute publish yesterday its annual top-200 Chinese brands, with China Mobile for the sixth time in a top-position since the start of the ranking in 2007, tells Hurun founder Rupert Hoogewerf in the Global Times.

Why Chinese investors invest abroad – Wei Gu

Foreign investors might be looking for their luck in China, Chinese investors increasingly invest abroad, where they often pick up shares from Chinese companies like Baidu, Tencent and China Mobile, firm they know from home and trust, tells WSJ editor Wei Gu.

Buying a mobile phone in China – Bill Dodson

China veteran Bill Dodson got his mobile stolen and took to opportunity to investigate China’s fast changing and competitive battle ground for mobile hardware. A report from the shopping mall in Suzhou on his weblog.