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Rupert Hoogewerf

China`s rich make their own platforms to donate – Rupert Hoogewerf

China´s rich donate relatively little to good causes, but when they do, they prefer to use their own platforms, not third parties, to do so. They try to avoid charities like the Red Cross, says Rupert Hoogewerf, chairman of the Hurun institute to VOA, and look for more creative ways to donate.

Kaiser Kuo

Censorship does not stop China´s tech sector – Kaiser Kuo

Americans believe that China´s censorship at the internet is stifling creativity in the tech industry. Wrong, says tech commentator Kaiser Kuo who recently left internet giant Baidu as communication director to return on the US in the Washington Post.

William Bao Bean

China´s e-commerce: better in making money – William Bao Bean

When it comes to making money, Chinese e-commerce is more creative and successful, than any of their US counterparts, says VC William Bao Bean to the Washington Post. However, Chinese start-ups need to show they can generate enough revenue to make the model work in the middle term.

James Roy

Youngsters: more nationalistic – James Roy

American companies and stores like KFC and Apple faced angry crowds after an international court ruled against China on its South China Sea policies, even smashing their iPhone’s. A protest that went even too far to China´s government. It is mostly the younger who are more nationalistic and patriotic, says retail analyst James Roy to AP.

Andy Mok

China startups: tougher to get capital – Andy Mok

Getting funding has just gotten a bit harder for China´s booming startup scene, says VC Andy Mok in Bloomberg. “There’s a greater emphasis on revenue and profitability among startups that they are focusing much more on top line and cost control.”

Shaun Rein

Brand loyalty emerges in China, very slowly – Shaun Rein

Chinese consumers belonged to the least loyal to brands. And although brand loyalty is on the rise, China only shows a slow improvement. Business analyst Shaun Rein explains why to CKGSB Knowledge. “Loyalty is happening because consumers are getting sophisticated.”

Rupert Hoogewerf

Luxury CPI keeps on rising – Rupert Hoogewerf

Despite a relative slowdown in the country´s economic growth, China´s luxury price index saw the fastest rise in five years outpacing the CPI, show the latest report by the Hurun Institute, according to the Shanghai Daily. Luxury property, health and education are the driving forces, says Rupert Hoogewerf, Hurun Chairman.

William Bao Bean

Facebook´s China competitors make real money – William Bao Bean

Most of the American internet companies like Facebook still make money through advertising, while their Chinese competitors like WeChat and Weibo make money through selling all you can think of, tells Shanghai-based VC William Bao Bean to AP. They are way ahead of Facebook.

Tom Doctoroff

China will stay open for international business – Tom Doctoroff

Worries are mounting about China´s international stance, and increased difficulties foreign companies and organization experiences in the country. But China is unlikely to follow a course to isolationism and will act pragmatic, writes China veteran Tom Doctoroff in the Huffington Post.

Mark Schaub

Tough rules for instant formula – Mark Schaub

A range of food scandals with milk powder for babies has caused a wild-west market for mainly foreign instant formula, doing good business in China. Lawyer Mark Schaub warns that regulators are catching up, and new tough registration rules have a deadline for October 1, hard to manage for import products, he writes in Lexology.